The Grass is Always Greener if You Can Keep Your Allergies Under Control!

Spring is sprung and for the first time in a long time, we can see our lawns! (Some of them are scary, but that’s another blog!)  Today as we rejoice in the new beginnings that are budding all around us, we must also prepare for the allergies the season brings.

Let take a look at some of the culprits and then some of the remedies.

1.  Culprit:  The Dust Mite

This little bugger pays no heed to the seasons and can basically cause havoc all year long.  Let’s be honest, the picture is in black and white, because the color version is just plain scary.  Apparently they are related to spiders and ticks and leave behind little deposits that can trigger reactions.

The Remedy:

Other than washing your sheets at least once a week, and keeping your bedding covered (you can put your mattresses and pillows in vinyl cases that keep mites from collecting) you can also try the sun.  Research shows that leaving your throw rugs outside on a hot sunny day reduces dust mites by 92%.

2.  Culprit:  Mold

Most houses have been known to have a spot of  mold at one time or another. It grows in areas that tend to be damp like under sinks, toilets, washing machines.  It’s important to be as proactive as possible.

The Remedy:

Wipe down these areas regularly and keep your house as dry as possible.  Houseplants can also have mold so be sure to check them regularly as well.

3.  Pollen

The Remedy:

Stay inside!  Close your windows and use an air conditioner which will reduce the level of pollen.  If you must venture out, pick a time when the levels aren’t as high, or if that’s not possible, take a shower when you come in from the outside.   If you have long hair, you might want to consider shampooing it before you go to bed.

There are many additional strategies in the fight against allergies.  The website, Mashable , suggests some great home remedies.   Here’s our top 3 “Who Knew?”

a.  Sip some apple cider vinegar

Fear not—you don’t have to drink it straight, you can dilute it with water or lemon juice.  It will increase your potassium and help your runny nose.

b. Eat some probiotics

Yes, indeed, probiotics (think yogurt) help support your immune system and balance out bacteria in your body.

c.  Eat spicy food

Food with cayenne pepper, onion and garlic or hot ginger can help thin out your mucus.

If you do suffer from allergies, where you live matters.  Let us help you find the home that fits!  Contact us today!

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Courtney Dudek Licensed Associate Broker


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