How to Get Rid of Leaves without Raking

For whatever reason, global warming, El Nino, or Mother Nature, the leaves are late to turn and late to fall this October. When they finally do, we’ll need to be ready to rake them.  Or maybe not?  We just had to know if there’s another way, especially since some of us have outgrown the need to jump in them.

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path-387519_640Seriously, it was the title of the article from E-How that caught our attention: “How to Remove Leaves from Your Yard with Minimum Effort”  Yes, indeed, that’s almost exactly what we googled.  Here’s the mainpoint:

  1. Get a leaf blower and make sure it’s not too loud. (Some home owners associations actually have noise standards)
  2. Don your earplugs and goggles
  3. Blow the leaves onto a tarp
  4. Bring it all to the curb

That’s great if you live in a town that has leaf pick up.  Here’s the scoop from the Town of Penfield website:

The Town of Penfield does not provide leaf pick-up due to the cost of the service for equipment, labor and landfilling. Residents are encouraged to mulch and/or compost leaves when possible. If you have a quantity of leaves that prohibits mulching there are many landscapers in and around the Penfield area that provide pick-up service at a cost that is much lower than what the Town could achieve.

Hmmm, looks like it’s on to plan B.


Apparently, according to the lawn care experts, it’s best to mulch your lawn to keep it healthy.   You’ll need a lawnmower with mulching capability.  You can add a serrated mulching blade to your current model or you can buy a mulching lawn mower.  The key is to keep up with it and you may find that you may have to make more than one pass.  According to contributor Jennifer Noonan at Bob

mulchProceed to mow the lawn just as if it were any other day, not the most exciting day of your life—the day you finally break free from the tyranny of raking. The goal is to cut the leaves into shreds that are about a half-inch in diameter (more or less the size of a dime). As mentioned, depending on the volume of leaves that have fallen on your lawn, it might take more than one pass to get the shreds to the desired size. When you’re done, the leaf shreds should have fallen between the blades of grass to reveal much of the lawn. A passerby might easily be fooled into thinking that you had raked!

Our friend Bob and others mentioned that it’s a great idea to take the mulched leaves and add them to your garden bed or compost.  Sounds like more work, but creating the composting bin will be worth it in the long run.


fallleavesYou may decide after all, that raking isn’t so bad. (You wanted to shake up your cross fit training program anyway, right?)  Here are a few of the strategies to keep in mind that will keep raking easy and fun (Seriously, this article says-Keep it fun.)

#1  If you don’t already have one, buy a sturdy rake with wide tines that will bend a tad. This will make it easier for you to get more leaves per sweep.

#2  To prevent backaches from using muscles that you don’t normally use, don’t stand in one place when you rake. Instead, move your feet and legs as you bend and twist to do the raking. This will help to prevent injuries and discomfort down the road.

#3 When sweeping with your rake, sweep in smaller motions rather than larger ones. You will get more leaves per sweep that way, not to mention more of a workout for you muscles.

Be sure to read the rest of the article from

Maybe some times the key to make raking leaves easier is to have a yard with less trees.  Contact us today, and we can help you make a move!


  1. Lawn Mower Wizard on October 26, 2015 at 9:52 am

    Another alternative would be to use a leaf blower that’s also able to vacuum and dice the leaves up in a similar way to a mulching mower. Of the downside if you plan to use this as mulch is having to redistribute it back over the lawn. I haven’t got any data on what mulches better- a mower or a vac, but it would be interesting to hear peoples opinions and experiences on this. It might also be cheaper to go down the blower/vac route over the mulching mower. In the end I guess it depends which activity you find less of a chore.

    • rocrealtor on October 26, 2015 at 9:56 am

      Thanks for your input!

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